An interview with Lazy Sunsets

Lazy Sunsets, an Alt Rock Pop band from Australia, recently released their latest single titled "You.Possibly." We had the opportunity to speak with Peter Stephenson and learn more about their music and plans.

For those who might be discovering Lazy Sunsets for the first time, could you provide an introduction to you and your band?

Lazy Sunsets is a solo project comprising myself, Pete Stephenson. I work with producer Kara Greskovic from the US and we collaborate with other talented musicians which can vary depending on the songs style.
I write all the songs on piano, transcribe to sheet music and influence the feel and direction of each one.
That said, each collaborating musician also brings their own perspective so each song is an ensemble performance but still retains the spirit and essence of the original song.
My website has the sheet music to each song and it’s interesting seeing the difference between them and the final product.

What sparked the creation of your single "You. Possibly"?

My previous songs featured the singer being in a place of vulnerability and hurt and I felt it would be refreshing to flip this completely where the singer was completely empowered and in control of her environment. I always write songs starting with the chords then melody. I wrote the song in the key of Cminor, which is associated with somewhat sadness and loneliness, but as I constructed the chord progression in such a way that it built into a powerful momentous sound which further supported my original intentions.



What message do you hope your fans will take out of this song?

I’d like the song to be an anthem for those who feel disempowered and that they can’t control the situations around them. That change is possible and can be exhilarating and it all comes down to your own perception and behaviours.

How do you draw inspiration from your surroundings when writing and recording, and are there any specific locations or experiences in Australia that have left a lasting impression on your music?

I live in a beautiful area in Australia on the Gold Coast which has a relaxed, laid back friendly lifestyle. I think this comes out in my songs where I always like them to have a warmness melodically and a sense of familiarity, without the edginess you may find elsewhere. I spend a lot of time ensuring the melodies fit comfortably with the chord progressions.


If "You. Possibly" were the soundtrack to a pivotal moment in a movie, what scene would it accompany, and what emotions would it amplify within that cinematic narrative?

It would appear at the very end of the movie as the main character is departing into the distance at the end of their personal journey, content with where they are. I can envisage someone walking confidently away with a smile as they leave their old life behind, or singing aloud my song in a car as they drive away to a better future.

What is the biggest challenge you face as an independent musician?

I often comment that the easiest part of being a musician is writing the songs! The biggest challenge is building exposure and audiences to the songs. There are probably thousands of incredible songs which are never heard and I find accessing and building sustainable audiences is a challenge and comes with trial and error and lots of experimentation!

What can fans expect from Lazy Sunsets this year? Are there any upcoming gigs or other exciting plans that you'd like to share with us?

Lazy Sunsets is a non performing artist as its an ensemble group, but I will definitely be releasing more songs. “Cast Ashore” will start production this month, which is an indie pop ballad, taking influences from 70s bands with a modern twist and that will be followed by “Some Days” which is a more purist modern indie song. I plan to keep releasing songs until I run out of ideas, and sometimes when I think that’s about to happen another song is channeled to me!

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Interview by Stella Goulinoudi