An Interview with SPOONBEND

"Snow Globe" is the latest single from SPOONBEND, a sleazy rock 'n' roll band from South Arkansas. We had the opportunity to interview them about their recent single and their upcoming album.

For those who might be discovering SPOONBEND for the first time, could you provide an introduction to the band?

SPOONBEND is a sleazy rock and roll band from deepest, darkest Arkansas. We have a southern-fried sound that has been compared to The Rolling Stones meets Paul Westerberg of The Replacements. I approached this record with an attitude in mind — an attitude that feels like driving a hot rod too fast down a Delta farm road while eating fried chicken. I wanted a thick, kudzu-infested sound that was both rich in storytelling and drenched in riff rock.

SPOONBEND's second single, “Snow Globe” was released a few days ago. What motivated its creation?

"Snow Globe" has an interesting origin story; good question! I wrote it as a country ballad and played it in acoustic sets for years. Three weeks before we went to Sheffield, I was riding around at night with the windows down, listening to Primus and Them Crooked Vultures, and the idea came to me, like, “ok, I think this song is actually a hard hitter”. I rewrote it, and it became the furriest track on the album. Grant Walden engineered this song to sound like you are inside a windy winter environment, like inside a snow globe!

What message do you hope your fans will take out of your songs?

I want people to know that there’s somebody like you out there, and there is a way out of the pain. These songs are for the downtrodden, the ones knocked down in society, the low man, the outcast. These songs are also for the recovered, the ones who have overcome, the Cinderella stories. You deserve better and you can change yourself for the better. These songs are from my heart to yours.

How do you draw inspiration from your surroundings when writing and recording, and are there any specific locations in South Arkansas, that have left a lasting impression on your music?

This album is absolutely chopped directly from my piney South Arkansas roots. I wanted to capture that sultry, sleazy feel of the nightclubs my first band played in, the simple joy of fishing with your grandfather, the pain of breaking hearts. “Loblolly Pines” is one that takes me back to a specific place and time. Fun fact: the last single to be released (June 28th, 2024) is called “Feels Like Home”, but was originally named “Spoon Bend”, after my family’s favorite river fishing area. Obviously, that is where the band name comes from.

The album SPOONBEND has been produced by Jimbo Mathus. How did this collaboration happen?

Jimbo Mathus has long been a role model of mine, and I have loved every piece of music he’s touched. We met back in 2005, but only started corresponding regularly in the past four years. Early on, he taught me songwriting skills, and after a lot of work on my end, he agreed to produce an album for me, in his words, “an album you can be proud of and that will show them what you’re about”.

What is the biggest challenge you face as an independent artist?

It is certainly a struggle to find the people who want to find your music. It sometimes feels like screaming into a void. You have to be dedicated to your craft and keep working, promoting, and believing in yourself.

What can fans expect from SPOONBEND this year? Are there any exciting plans that you'd like to share with us?

Our record SPOONBEND is set for release on June 28th, with an album release party at the White Water Tavern in Little Rock that night. Sign up for our mailer on our website for updates. Thanks for checking us out!








Interview by Stella Goulinoudi