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Black Stone Machine

The guild of black EP

Black Stone Machine, the esteemed fusion of heavy metal, blues, and country rock, is thrilled to declare the impending arrival of their newest EP "The Guild of Black". 

"The Guild of Black" is out now through Alcyone Records.

Hunters in the Dark


Following the success of their two previous full-length albums, "Resurrection" (2019) and "Gates of Hell," (2020) Blizzard continues to forge their path in the metal scene with four adrenaline-pumping tracks that will leave fans hungry for more.

Wuthering Minds

Errikos Bloukos

"Wuthering Minds" consists of five instrumental tracks that showcase Bloukos' unique style of metal music, influenced by renowned bands such as Lamb of God, Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer. The album offers a thrilling and intense listening experience for metal fans worldwide and it's a powerful and dynamic piece that sets the tone for the rest.

Death Construction

Silkof Grove

'Death Construction' by Silkof Grove is a melodic/heavy death metal album dedicated to spiritualism, meditative practices and eastern philosophy. 


Dei Umbrae

DEI UMBRAE, the Greek metal band with doom, symphonic and heavy elements, has just released their third album, 'Archangel' through Alcyone Records.