1. 4. Archangel
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In the light, can you see
There is your salvation. At the end of your creation, you are dead of your obsession
Now you see
Obsession, affliction, creation, salvation
Archangel, we are trying to regret
for what we've done
The sun is burning our flesh...

Archangel, prevent my fall, my skin is rotting as I crawl...

In the dark, you believe that you feel redemption, but you always choose rejection,
Leading you back to condemption...
Face your fears ...
Addiction, alienation, depression, liberation
Archangel, we're trying to forget what have we lost, prevent our fall

The sun enlights my soul
The dark hides my sadness
God, let your fire fall
Kindness hides my anger

Prevent my fall
Save my soul
Give me all the answers
So I can see where I go
Obsessions of my mind Are starting to approach
Now my nightmares in my head became my crown