1. 8. Unexpected

From the recording Archangel

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Do you feel the light when the darkness rises
Are you walking the path you choose to find and pass
Do you feel courageous when your life is broken
Can you see the unexpected that betrayed by trust

Do you hear your voice
As your silence is screaming
Are you trying enough to escape from your past
Have you ever been at a crossroad of madness
Do you see yourself in a maze of untrust

Set your world on fire
Safe zone is simular
In silence ... it's all clear
Take a look into your soul. Deep inside, I hear your call ... in silence...
It's all real

Breathing, fighting, winning, burning
Fire, anger, boldness, power

In your eyes, I see your path
Rise up, fight and don't look back
In silence, it's all real
All my sickness dies inside
Walk with me; I am still alive

In silence, it's all clear.

Breathing, fighting, winning, burning
Fire, anger, boldness, power

From now on, my hurt will not be blackened
A light that could shine brightly comes x 2

So alone or together, I can make it better
I can make it better

From now on me eyes will see in the darkness
From now on, there is no turning back

So I walked in silence
I passed through the madness
I walk without guideness